KNOWING Method Book

 The Intuitive's Guide to Transformative Healing
By Dr. Chris Lipat, DC, Reiki Master

Welcome Intuitives, Lightworkers, Empaths with a Mission! 

Dr. Chris Lipat's latest book is available for digital download on Amazon or Kobo.

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What an amazing quality of effort this is! Mahalo nui no ko ʻike nahenahe. Yes, let us all lift up KNOWING: The Intuitiveʻs Guide to Transformative Healing, along with your energy medicines, and the movement you are helping us all gain access to. It feels truly vital to experience this kind of clarity. Perfect timing! Mahalo for how this book is organized. It is easy to feel included and to feel part of the larger solution now growing on the planet. Mahalo Dr. Chris for helping us find who we have always been. Our time of Becoming has begun. Here is more proof. Ulu ka leʻaleʻa! Let joy rise! 

Me ke aloha, Manulani Aluli Meyer, Oʻahu


KNOWING: The Intuitive's Guide to Transformative Healing is a must have "course correct" book to get us back on track on all levels of the body-mind-spirit. It takes us out of fearing our symptoms and blaming our genes into empowering ourselves, and "recognize our own sovereignty within us, and create new choices in alignment with who we want to become." Those who are highly sensitive will especially benefit from this insightful book."

Dr. Gina Kim, DC, creator of Cellular Regeneration Technique

You can learn to heal yourself and take your gifts to the next level. In this book Mind-Body Energy Medicine practitioner and Reiki master Dr. Chris Lipat draws from her years of experience to teach you how to use your amazing skills to take care of yourself like you do for others.

Are you tired of doubting yourself as a healer?
Tired of throwing away time and money on healing methods that aren't working for you?

Well there is a solution!

YOU are a healer. 
YOU can heal yourself too!

As a sensitive intuitive or reiki practitioner, you have the gifts and tools to help people. You may even get to do it for a living, which makes it that much more frustrating if you can't seem to heal your own problems. Use the KNOWING Method Book to help guide you on your journey to true healing.

Dr. Chris Lipat will show you their groundbreaking approach to:
- Discover and remove what's blocking your healing
- Maximize your unique healing and intuitive abilities
- Identify the best healing interventions to take at the right time
- Build your unique healing plan and start healing yourself
- Take your healing to the next level
    Learn to heal yourself and take your natural talents to the next level through the KNOWING Method Book available on Amazon or Kobo. This is a journey we are all on together! See this link for an excerpt from Chapter 5. Scroll down this page for the link to free Healing Charts that accompany the book. Share your experience and leave a timely review on Amazon or Kobo, or reach out directly to Dr. Lipat to learn more via the contact page on our website. We'd love to hear from you!

    Are you a sensitive and intuitive soul?
    Are you ready to go deeper?
    KNOWING is the book for you!

    This book is not intended as a replacement for medical treatment, but rather a complement that empowers you to address issues that only you can discern for yourself. You may already be in touch with your inner knowing, but this book provides a framework for allowing your inner knowing to consider options you may not have thought of yet, or you may, but over the course of time. This framework is meant to accelerate your conscious understanding of underlying patterns and concepts that may be contributing to your blocks to healing. And when you are conscious, you can transform these patterns from incoherent stress responses and survival narratives into stories of compassion and strength. This then increases your ability to hold more complexity, allowing for a you that is more compassionate, harmonious and can hold more equanimity in the face of suffering.

    Book a session with Dr. Chris Lipat, and experience their multidimensional healing approach at Mind-Body Energy Medicine!


    “I’m so glad you are interested in reading my book! We are energetic beings having a physical experience. When there’s something in our life that needs changing that we are not yet conscious of, it often comes in an undeniable physical form or patterning that forces us to dig deeper, to better understand our bodies, discover unconscious survival thoughts and programming that are outdated, that causes our bodies to be in defense mode, that separates us from reaching our true self and achieving our true calling. Is this the wake up call to your spiritual evolution? Or yet another scary, mysterious inconvenience of symptoms to eradicate with a pill?"

    The KNOWING Method supports you to become a more powerful energy worker, who can channel increasing levels of light, as you achieve a more crystalline form of yourself.”

    Maraming salamat, mahalo nui loa, saina maʻåse',
    Dr. Chris Lipat



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