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Aloha Kākou,

The aloha of my patients and students inspires me to continue upleveling and growing! I landed in Guåhan in early summer 2023, and I would love to share your testimonials with the folks there so that they can get a sense of what to expect from my work. It would be a wonderful gift to get your feedback. I am forever grateful for each of our exchanges throughout the years. 🙏✨💜

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— Dr. Chris Lipat DC,
Your Guam holistic doctor



Her approach to healing involves the whole being!

I love my sessions with Dr. Chris! Dr. Chris' approach to healing involves the whole being. Dr. Chris is gifted at assessing my body's imbalances and using a variety of modalities to restore health almost instantly. Dr. Chris is energetically very perceptive and works not only with my physical body but also my mental, emotional and spiritual health. Dr. Chris is gifted, compassionate, unique and a true gem. I highly recommend Dr. Chris! 

—Linda, energy worker

Feels amazing to confront, feel, and actively contribute... to my own path of healing!
Had my first appointment at Mind-Body Energy Medicine on Tuesday; INCREDIBLE holistic tune up and profound insight into our bodies own ability to heal itself. Putting tools into practice; feels amazing to confront, feel and actively contribute and commit to my own unique path of health, vitality and wellbeing. Increased awareness translates to increased responsibility! Highly recommend an appointment with Dr. Chris.
—Marissa, pregnant mother and community worker

Dr. Chris Lipat helped me get through graduate school!
I credit Dr. Chris Lipat and Mind-Body Energy Medicine with helping me get through graduate school. Much more than helping me survive the stress, late nights and other deprivations that come with higher education, appointments with Dr. Chris Lipat have taught me so much about what my body requires to feel its best--what foods bring inflammation and which heal, what other environmental allergens and toxins to be aware of, and what supplements, and habits will help me offset these, and of course how all of these will help me maintain the positive effects of her low-impact adjustments. I most appreciate that Dr. Lipat's approach is not about creating a clientele dependent on them so much as one attuned to our own bodies and their needs. Dr. Lipat teaches patients the importance of health literacy and autonomy, and making informed choices for our current and future health. Dr. Lipat's approach, using muscle-testing and addressing structural, neuroemotional, chemical-nutritional obstacles to optimal physical, spiritual, emotional health, is gentle, intuitive and comprehensive. Go see Dr. Lipat!
—Tagi, 41, graduate student 

Feeling much more empowered around managing my allergies homeopathically!
I had my first ever chiropractic adjustment and kinesiology consultation with Dr. Chris Lipat last month. I was relieved to find that Dr. Lipat's chiropractic approach was way more gentle and holistic than I had expected! I came out of my session enlightened and affirmed in my desire to work towards emotional, chemical and physical balance in my life. More immediately, I came out of the session feeling utterly relaxed and at peace. After being diagnosed with asthma earlier in the year and having been dependent on antihistamines almost year round for several years to combat allergies, I am now taking a homeopathic remedy recommended by Dr. Lipat, and feeling much more empowered around managing my allergies. Mahalo a nui loa e Dr. Lipat! Thanks for guiding me on a niu holistic approach to health!
*Testimonial update (5 months later): Aloha e Doctor Lipat! Just wanted to give you a quick update on my life/health. I've been trying to be conscientious about avoiding gluten, honey, mint, and tuna. I've been good about keeping my iPhone off, in flight mode, or away from me at nights. I have managed to avoid asthma medication, and was even able to do without the homeopathic treatment you gave me once it ran out. My hay fever has not gone away completely, but it is perceptibly less severe than in previous years. I do not wake up with the same amount of mucus needing to be expelled, and overall, I just feel healthier. I feel like the gluten-free diet was the game changer, but all the other bits have no doubt helped, too. I've been exercising regularly, too."
Teresia, professor

Dr. Lipat's guidance helped me tremendously in my journey to overcome chronic fatigue.
I highly recommend Dr. Chris Lipat! Dr. Lipat's guidance has helped me tremendously in my journey to overcome chronic fatigue. Dr. Lipat is thorough, intuitive, patient, and has the tools to put me in touch with what my body is telling me. Since seeing Dr. Lipat, I have improved my energy and have been empowered with a refined perspective on how to care for my self!
—Alicia, acupuncturist
Healing has been a journey of revelation on many level for me.
Dr. Lipat is a modern day shaman. I forgot what it meant to actually listen to my body and work in partnership with someone who is confident enough to share power with her patients. I will remember Dr. Lipat's empowering mantra, "if your body can create it (the ailment or dis-ease), it can uncreate it. Healing has been a journey of revelation on many levels for me. Thank you Dr. Lipat for your intuition, expertise, and professionalism.
—Sonya, mom and education activist 

I have reached new place of learning how the entire body works!
Just finished another deeply healing adjustment with Dr. Lipat. I had gotten pretty sick with stress and kicked back my adrenal issues and other conditions, thus affecting many other noticeable differences in my body. Seeing Dr. Lipat for almost 2 months has delved me deeper into my healing and overall balance. I have reached new places of learning how the entire body works and immediately after there's always this shifted energy and things change around me. I have an overall sense of well being and happiness and things just work out. I'm understanding more this is true alignment. Dr. Lipat's approach is so different than other chiros that I've worked with. Her methods really look at all aspects of wellness and I feel and can see it in my body. Maraming salamat Christine for your loving care and healing gifts. I feel more renewed and aligned once again ♥.
*Testimonial update: Dr. Chris T Lipat is an amazing practitioner! Since going to her for almost a year now, I've done the most deepest & life changing healing. Her kind, gentle & thorough ways have healed me in ways to move & progress through conditions I've been wanting to break through. I no longer rely on supplements & wish a condition would go away. Dr. Lipat gets right to the point & guides you gently through the journey. My body has truly healed naturally. Please call and check Dr. Lipat out. I assure you, you won't be disappointed.
Gigi, 40, cooking educator and nutritional guide 

Dr. Chris really took the time to find out what my body needed.
Dr. Chris is truly a professional and compassionate holistic doctor/chiropractor. I always felt better after our visits because she really took the time to find out what my body needed. If you are looking for a new doctor for your natural lifestyle definitely give Dr. Chris a try, you will be so impressed and surely feel better! 
—Sarah, active duty military wife

You really get the sense Dr. Lipat is healing you on a cellular level. 
The first time I went to Dr. Chris I realized right away Dr. Chris is an amazing healer. Dr. Chris is very knowledgeable, compassionate and generous. I came to her with a bad skin condition. I had been on these Western meds for like 20+ years but they had stopped working and I was getting bad side effects. The rashes covered most of my body and I had gotten quite depressed. She tested me for food allergies and has been working with me for several months. The rashes are 95% gone and I’m wearing a swimsuit again! woo hoo! I really love coming to Dr. Chris' office too. It’s so serene and clean with calm music playing. A visit with Dr. Chris is so different from other doctors who don’t even shake your hand any more before they race out to the next patient. Dr. Chris really listens to what is going on with you – mind, body and spirit. Chiropractic is actually just one part of her work. Dr. Chris also does neuro-emotional technique, reiki and provides testing for environmental allergies too. My favorite is the reiki. You really get the sense Dr. Chris is healing you at a cellular level. Definitely worth every dime.
—K.C., graduate student 

Dr. Lipat's gentle, subtle adjustments are a magical combination for a chiropractor.
Chris Lipat is by far the best chiropractor I have ever gone to … forever ever ever. I’m a massage therapist and yoga teacher and currently training for a marathon, so I am very much aware of all the kinks and changes happening within my body. I use my body a lot and try to get weekly healing maintenance on my body. What I love about Dr. Lipat’s treatment is the wisdom and knowledge I take from each session. Dr. Lipat is holistic ~ Dr. Lipat sees the WHOLE human being, and treats your body as a holistic whole pinpointing the energetic, emotional, nutritional, mental and physical kinks out to you in the most gentle and intuitive way I have ever witnessed in a chiropractor. I used to be sorta anti-chiropractor back in the day because I was running into a lot of bone cracking kine of chiropractors. Chris is the exact opposite. Dr. Lipat is so subtle with their work, yet it is felt sooo deeply within all the layers of your being and the work stays with you. Unlike other sessions I have had with other chiropractors, I do not suffer the same aches and pains or injuries after seeing Chris.  My body takes to the healing and the healing integrates and gets deeper and deeper until it heals in the root. It is true healing. Dr. Lipat's amazing depth of knowledge, their intuitive gift, their holistic perspective and practice and their gentle and subtle adjustments are a magical combination for a chiropractor. I recommend Dr. Lipat to all of my clients, colleagues and super active and health conscious friends, because Dr. Lipat is the complete package. Check out Dr. Lipat's toys too! Ask for their amazing crystal wand! It feels sooo good! You will learn a lot about yourself in many levels after a session with Dr. Lipat. Mahalo Chris for keeping me super healthy and deepening my connection to my body!
—Darshan, bodyworker

Mind-Body Energy Medicine has helped me improve my food choices to reduce inflammation.
When I think about my recent changes to take better care of my health, I have to credit Dr. Chris Lipat.  Dr. Chris is truly a holistic practitioner who treats me with kindness, compassion, and respect. I think you will find Dr. Chris to be accessible and responsive to your needs, too. Together we looked at what was troubling me with my lower back, knees, and spine. Using a combination of assessments, Dr. Chris helped me see how nutrition and food sensitivities may be also be some of the underlying causes of my stiffness and joint pain. Dr. Chris' adjustments gave me some relief, too, as Dr. Chris helped me listen more closely to what my body has been trying to tell me for a long time. This very act of listening with her has attuned my awareness to my body’s own wisdom and way. Going to Mind-Body Energy Medicine also has helped me improve my food choices to reduce inflammation. Over time, with coaching and support, I have not only lost weight, but have also started to heal my depleted adrenals, too. Truly there has been so much to be excited about with more energy and returning mobility and agility in the body. I am so grateful to Dr. Chris and I know you will be, too!  Woot! Woot!
—Grace, 43, doula and early childhood literacy

Reasonably priced, consistent, and honest. For anyone interested in long term benefits.
I initially came in for extreme neck and shoulder pain and was treated for so much more. Chris Lipat takes a truly holistic approach to health, considering diet, emotions and the environment during your first exam. And only gets better with each follow-up. Dr. Chris is reasonably priced, consistent and honest. I highly recommend Mind-Body Energy Medicine for anyone who is interested in long term health benefits and not just a temporary quick fix.
—Joy, 44, student

As a caregiver, my father has benefited from our new lifestyles!
Dr. Chris Lipatʻs holistic approach to health has helped me to improve my health and those around me! As a caregiver, my father has benefited from our new lifestyles. We eat healthier, exercise regularly, and take time to relax (doctorʻs recommendations). Dr. Lipatʻs intuition is spot-on! I've had great results from my visits with her and feel very comfortable seeing her for just about everything. I highly recommend Dr. Lipat!
—Eri, 26, office manager 

I would recommend for anyone in need of her whole health approach to chiropractic care.
I am a first time patient of Dr. Lipat. As a result of two visits I feel much better. I am especially comfortable with her doctor/patient partnership. I would recommend Dr. Lipat to anyone in need of her whole health approach to chiropractic care.
—Anthony, 69, retired 

Chris' adjustments are soft and comfortable, yet precise.
Chris is a wonderful healer, with a powerful yet gentle touch and a huge heart. Her adjustments are soft and comfortable and simultaneously extremely precise and effective. I cannot recommend Dr. Chris enough.

Chris's treatment has helped reduce pain, stress, and improved balance with my body.
I really appreciate Chris’ deep medical, chiropractic knowledge and grounding in science combined with natural, holistic healing modalities. Her approach is powerful and effective in helping me find ways to address my health issues and concerns in tangible ways that make a difference in my day-to-day life. I like Chris’ gentle approach in using a combination of different chiropractic approaches with other holistic, natural healing systems and wellness counseling to address my health issues and concerns. I feel Chris’s treatment has helped reduce pain, stress and improved balance in my back, neck, shoulders and overall body.
—Lori, 55 years old, nonprofit marketing communications consultant

Chris was able to deliver a gentle adjustment through brought immediate relief for my shoulder.
Chris provided me with great chiropractic care at the LCCW Health Center. Chris was able to help me relieve various symptoms, while keeping the big picture of wellness in mind. At one point, I injured my shoulder and no matter how I moved it, it just wouldn’t seem to go back “in place.” It made a terrible clicking sound, felt quite uncomfortable, and kept me from playing flag football and training as hard as I would have liked for other activities. Chris was able to see me shortly after my injury, did a thorough exam, explained to me what was wrong with my shoulder, and then delivered a gentle adjustment that brought immediate relief. Chris' follow up over the next few visits was comprehensive and compassionate. Chris was very good at explaining why the body expresses pain as it does. And just explaining in general, why Chris was doing what they were doing. 
—Sandy, 32, chiropractic student

I have not had a back episode since I started treatments with Chris!
Chris is a wonderful chiropractor. I was uncertain about the whole idea because it was my first experience with chiropractic but Chris has shown me the importance of being aligned and what even minor adjustments can do for my body. I suffer from back issues due to dancing and from tendonitis in my wrists and hands. A few times a year my back would be in so much pain all I could do was lie down. Also, I could never open jars or bottles because of the twisting action on my hand and wrist. Chris is very gentle and always checks in with me to make sure I am comfortable with her technique. Chris also explains to me what they are doing, what my body is doing and what I can do in my daily life to avoid injury and feel good. I have not had a back episode since I started treatment with Chris and I always come away from my appointments feeling relaxed and refreshed.
—Pamela, 40, HR and Finance admin

I don't wake up with a "what's going to hurt today?" ethic anymore.
I am a chronic pain sufferer and my body felt the best it had in twenty years under Chris’ care. My chronic pain has been going on for twenty years plus. My chiropractic care has been going on for 18 years and Chris has fine-tuned the great work past interns began in my healing process. I don’t wake up with a “What’s gonna hurt today?” ethic anymore. Hallelujah!!! Chris was very low-key and non-intrusive and listened to what I thought my body was saying instead of imposing her own agenda. The positive results are a more upbeat outlook on life, a desire to reclaim some of the exercise possibilities that I thought were beyond me, and a much better sense of self overall. This all makes me a much happier camper and more outgoing = good times coming.
—Robbie, 66, college registrar
Dr. Chris put me on the right track!

There are ONLY good things to talk about Dr. Chris and their practice. I met Dr. Chris 2 years ago when I had nowhere else to go to look for answers on how to feel whole, happy, energetic and healthy, most of the time. They are so sweet and welcoming that right away you feel such a good vibe about everything. Dr. Chris explains every step of the way what is going. Get ready to receive tons of information :) I learned very interesting things about my nutrition like foods that I was eating and thinking I was super healthy and in the end I was actually poisoning myself. Some physical, emotional, and spiritual issues as well. Dr. Chris put me in the right track. Besides that, I also have taken Dr. Chris' Reiki 2 and Developing Your Inner Knowing classes, both were phenomenal. I go back always when I have a chance. I see it as an investment in myself, my health. What could it be more important? If I am well, I can help more my family, friends, coworkers, and society in general. So in summary, every time you come out of Dr. Chris's clinic, you know you will feel amazing for a long time. It has been beyond my expectations. Thank you so much Dr. Chris!!!! Aloha and hope to see you soon :) —Ekoa

Removed stuck energy that was holding me back.

Dr. Chris is a compassionate gifted healer, Holistic Chiropractor Doctor and Health Coach. I got so much more than I expected. I received emotional, spiritual and physical healing on a whole new level. I am highly impressed! Dr. Lipat's assessments and intuitive ability to pin point the causes and remedies of my joint pains, hot flashes, fibroids, back pain, circulations and digestive problems was very accurate in getting rid of my aliments. I found out what foods were causing my joint pain, low libido and low energy. I am so grateful for the AMAZING healing session I received to fix my thyroid problem that was cause of my hot flashes and weight gain as well as the relief of my back pains, joint pain, low energy and digestive problems. Dr. Chris utilized a gentle approach to realigning my body to get rid of my back pain. As a Reiki Master they performed energy healing to remove the stuck energy that was sapping my energy and holding me back. I felt a great release that left me feeling energized, and very productive, getting a lot more done in my day. You definitely walk away having a mind, body and spiritual experience of overall well-being. Dr. Chris utilized supplements, crystals, laser, reiki and muscle testing, emotional freedom technique and much more to provide a whole body healing treatment to bring the body back into balance. I highly recommend her! - Athena, life coach