Wellness Partners

Community Connections

We believe wellness is a community effort!

White Light & Karuna Reiki® Masters
Attuned by Dr. Chris Lipat

Alamin Healing Arts - Nic Santos, White Light/Karuna Reiki® Master practitioner at Mind-Body Energy Medicine in Honolulu, alaminreiki@gmail.com.

Healing Soul Services - Artlette Fausther, White Light/Karuna Reiki® Master, Advanced Integrated Energy Therapist in Maryland

Honolulu Reiki - Jacquelyn Otto, Usui/Karuna®/White Light Reiki Master

Receptivity Reiki - Ahram Kim, White Light/Karuna Reiki® Master, Berkeley, CA


Other Honolulu Wellness Partners

Hale Kealaula LLC - Selena Green, CPM and home birth midwife on Oahu. Also attuned by Dr. Chris Lipat to White Light Reiki Expert Level.

Julz Bolinayen - Ceremonial tattoo and Hilot Binabaylan ritual readings on Oahu.

Olanani AcuOasis - Open space Acupuncture clinic in Kailua, Oahu.

Bowenwork Hawai'i - Bowen light touch for pain relief by Ellen Okazaki in Honolulu, Oahu.