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Håfa adai/Aloha kākou/Mabuhay,

How do we develop a healthier relationship to our bodies, where we can listen to and honor our needs, and set aside the time and space to nurture this vessel we live in? Oftentimes, symptoms are ways for our body to let us know we've overstepped our physical boundaries or under-resourced our healing mechanisms. Symptoms may indicate we are ready and need to process some emotions, or that there are limiting beliefs or outdated ways of thinking that no longer serve us and are ready to be released.
At Mind-Body Energy Medicine, Dr. Chris Teaño Lipat DC takes a truly integrative approach to health and healing that support natural ways of decreasing stress, maintaining alignment and promoting physical and mental/emotional well-being. Dr. Lipat looks forward to being a member of your wellness team. Tackle your life challenges and meet your goals with more energy and clarity!
Dr. Chris Teaño Lipat now offers Thursday & Saturday in-person office hours at I Gima'-ta, 167 Leon Guerrero Dr., Tumon, GU 96913 (appointment required - book online).
Virtual sessions via Zoom are available (worldwide) during the week.
In celebration of our new office opening in Guam, and in gratitude to our long time patients, Dr. Lipat is offering a 33% off coupon on all In-person & Virtual services through December 31, 2024! Use HEALTHISWEALTH33 for individual sessions or HEALTHISWEALTHPAC33 for a discount package. See discount pricing when you schedule your appointment.
Mahalo/salamat/saina ma'åse to those who continue to pay full price to help support this HEALTH IS WEALTH offering. We welcome gifts from the public towards sustaining this offering via PayPal.
Mahalo/salamat for your support of this 🇵🇭Filipin@ 🏳️‍🌈lgbtq+ owned business. Dr. Lipat looks forward to the in depth one-on-one time with all of you!


Review What to Expect prior to booking. Dr. Chris Lipat is not only a holistic chiropractor certified in Functional Medicine, but also a Reiki Master/energy worker. Dr. Lipat's toolkit includes the KNOWING Method muscle testing/kinesiology approach, gentle instrument adjusting with the Activator, Vibracussor deep tissue percussion, Reiki, intuitive nutrition guidance, somatics and emotional balancing work, orasyon/affirmations, tuning forks, sound bowls, Bituin Elixir flower essences, Healy frequency therapy, red laser therapy, and lifestyle recommendations. The doctor is fully present and channels a lot of energy during these comprehensive, integrative sessions to maximize your healing experience, therefore limited slots are available. Dr. Lipat looks forward to working with you!

Click here for more information on our payment policy. Mind-Body Energy Medicine is a direct pay practice and does not accept insurance. Instead, Dr. Lipat accepts HSA & FSA cards and offers up to 15% off of current fees. See the Appointments link for visit costs. Ideally, prepare for at least 1 follow up session to receive the fullest experience of what Mind-Body Energy Medicine has to offer.


 Wishing you increasing moments of inner peace, sweet gratitude, and emerging clarity during these changing times.

Dr. Lipat is committed to supporting you, virtually and in-person, in energetically processing these shifts, providing intuitive guidance, and in recommending nutrition,* natural remedies, and lifestyle changes that can help you maximize this moment of change. Virtual visits, which include distance reiki, energetic/emotional clearing & balancing, nutrition consultation and intuitive guidance are a powerful offering. Dr. Lipat has also created 3-6 month Transformative Healing Programs (in person or virtual) for those who want use this time to uplevel themselves and their ability to serve others. 

*In addition to their 13 years of personal and clinical experience in nutrition, Dr. Lipat has also completed 300 hrs of functional medicine and nutrition coursework towards a nutrition certification.