Appointment Booking

Håfa adai/Aloha kākou/Mabuhay,

These are extraordinary, transformative times. We are witnessing a collective global healing crisis while at the same time experiencing it on an intensely individual basis. In this healing crisis, for those who can, listening to our bodies and staying home when feeling overtaxed/overwhelmed/overdrawn, helps us and the earth to rebuild our reserves, optimize our immune systems, and to breakthrough and transform these old disconnected ways of being. We are revaluing, reprioritizing, reconnecting, rethinking, re-envisioning. We are in the process of enacting more compassionate ways of being with ourselves, each other and the earth. Dr. Chris Lipat is available for you, virtually and in-person, to support you during these shifts. 
Please note that Dr. Chris Lipat has moved their Mind-Body Energy Medicine office to Guam/Guåhan. In person visits in Guåhan are coming  in early 2024. Virtual sessions are currently available. Book your virtual session now!
Mahalo/salamat for your support of this 🇵🇭Pin@y 🌈lgbt of color-owned   business and for your grace regarding our fee increases to cover the in-depth one-on-one time, expanse of offerings, deepening of experience, and costs of doing business.


 Wishing you increasing moments of inner peace, sweet gratitude, and emerging clarity during these changing times.

Dr. Lipat is committed to supporting you, virtually and in-person, in energetically processing these shifts, providing intuitive guidance, and in recommending nutrition and lifestyle changes that can help you maximize this moment of change. Virtual visits, which include distance reiki, energetic/emotional clearing & balancing, nutrition consultation and intuitive guidance are a powerful offering. Dr. Lipat has also created 3-6 month Transformative Healing Programs (in person or virtual) for those who want use this time to uplevel themselves and their ability to serve others.

Review What to Expect prior to booking. Dr. Chris Lipat is not only a holistic chiropractor but also Reiki Master/energy worker. Dr. Lipat channels a lot of energy during these comprehensive, integrative sessions to maximize your healing experience, therefore limited slots are available. Dr. Lipat looks forward to working with you!

Click here for more information on our payment policy. Dr. Lipat no longer accepts insurance. See the Appointments link for estimated out of pocket fees.