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We believe in Holistic Healing!



When a health condition is encouraged to move in the proper direction, we can be assured that this is also the direction of strengthened immunity, increased vitality, and a more stable state of balance. The right direction also implies the unsticking of the life force from its prior state of stubborn inflexibility, which is what all ongoing chronic health problems are about. 
– Dr. Larry Malerba


Explore the holistic tools and methods used by Dr. Chris Lipat, DC

Dr. Chris Lipat, DC created their Mind-Body Energy Medicine practice in Honolulu, Hawaiʻi, as a catalytic intervention that taps into the wisdom of the body for clues to meet your unique healing needs. Now based in Guåhan/Guam, Dr. Lipat's intuitive, integrative muscle testing/kinesiology approach results in a powerful synergistic visit designed to bring you into alignment physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Dr. Lipat will help you uncover the stressors that are holding you back from expressing your full potential. 

This advanced healing arts practice addresses structural misalignment and muscle imbalance, emotional and energetic blockages, nutritional deficiencies, electromagnetic sensitivities and geopathic stress, fascial restrictions and environmental toxicities that impact your health as you struggle to thrive in our modern world. Dr. Lipat will support you in aligning with positive emotions and powerful affirmations. You will receive a tailored list of foods to avoid to decrease inflammation and foods to eat to maximize health. Other tailored lifestyle recommendations may include EFT/tapping, guidance on types of meditation, exercise, and even recommendations for crystals, sacred geometry and essential oils to support you on your healing journey.

"The ultimate goal is supporting you in your journey of transformation and enlightenment!"


Dr. Chris Lipat uses a mechanical instrument called the Activator to address joint subluxations. This instrument adjusting approach provides a much more comfortable and lower force experience both for the doctor and the patient. Preliminary studies have shown that instrument adjusting can be as effective as manual adjusting for treating subluxations.



It has been found that if a patient touches an area of dysfunction on the body, an indicator muscle that previously tested strong may suddenly weaken to challenge. This is called therapy localization in Applied Kinesiology. Dr. Lipat has found this an informative means of interacting with a patient’s body. For instance, through Nutrition Response Testing, Dr. Lipat contacts specific neurological reflexes to explore underlying stress or dysfunction.

Muscle testing not only accesses the physiology of the body, but also accesses the physiology of emotions, as with NeuroEmotional Technique. For example, muscles that initially test strong in the clear will test as weaker when saying a non-congruent statement (such as Grace saying, “My name is Joe”). This dynamic has been scientifically validated.



The VibraCussor® produces compression waves that promote an increase in circulation and lymphatic flow, and a decrease in muscle spasm. It is ideal for releasing joints and loosening up ‘stuck’ areas without the use of heavy, thrusting forces. Additionally, it is proposed that these waves heighten neurological awareness of specific areas of the body and facilitates normalization of the body’s energy flow. Dr. Lipat finds this to be a powerful and effective tool for optimal healing.



Emotions have a physiological component which may also trigger underlying, chronic stress patterns in the body. By helping the patient safely and briefly reengage this past experience, Dr. Chris Lipat does a physical correction to release the previous physiological reaction and to bring balance to the patient in present time. In addition, she offers homeopathic NET Remedies to support the healing process and Bituin Elixirs, a custom line of flower essences/gem elixirs to support emotional/spiritual evolution. (This work is not meant to be a substitute for therapeutic counseling. Dr. Lipat finds counseling and life coaching to be a great adjunct to our patients’ healing journeys.)


Reiki, which was first taught as hands-on healing by Mikao Usui Sensei in Japan in 1912, is a universal life force accessed by those attuned to its frequency for the purpose of balancing the body’s energy flows. Reiki is a biofield therapy used in hospitals, hospices and in everyday life by thousands to encourage relaxation and to enhance integrated functioning of the body’s healing systems.

When your energy flow is disrupted or distorted by physical/chemical, emotional or spiritual stressors, the organs and tissues of the body become less efficient and eventually their functioning is compromised. It is said that Reiki flows through affected parts of the energy field and charges it with positive energy, supporting and strengthening your body's innate powers of healing. Reiki is effective whether used on its own or in synergy with other healing modalities.

Reiki can help relieve stress, alleviate muscle pain, speed recovery from surgery and chemotherapy, ease anxiety and support the process of giving birth, calm a broken heart, or simply facilitate a drug-free, refreshing good night's rest. Reiki is hands-on healing but can also be transferred remotely or across distance. Universal energy is channeled through the practitioner's hands to the receiver, and Reiki can also be done on oneself.

As Reiki releases blockages on multiple levels, over time, it reinforces the recipient's ability to take responsibility for her life and to help make the necessary changes in attitude and lifestyle to promote a happier and healthier life. As one client told me, "Thank you for bringing me back to being myself, again!"

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Dr. Chris Lipat trained under Reiki Master Maria Soccorro Laya Smith, attaining master teaching level for White Light Reiki in 2004, and Karuna Reiki® master certification in 2006. Dr. Lipat periodically offers White Light Reiki I, II, III and master classes and Karuna Reiki® practitioner and master classes to patients, family and friends to provide simple yet powerful self-healing tools for community wellness. If you are interested in learning White Light Reiki, gather a minimum of 3 friends/family to schedule a class.



The most important decisions that we make for our health each day are:

1) what thoughts we choose to focus on
2) what we eat and drink
3) how we sit, stand and move
4) how much sleep we get

Dr. Chris Lipat, DC can provide you with recommendations tailored to support you in your quest to eat healthier, as well as discover hidden food sensitivities and toxic stressors so that you can focus on foods that will support your unique healing needs.

Dr. Chris Lipat, DC uses applied kinesiology to create a tailored nutritional plan. She combines her knowledge as a Functional Medicine Practitioner with kinesiology based techniques including Nutrition Response Testing™, Morphogenic Field Technique, and training by Dr. Michael Lebowitz, DC.

Enjoy this newsletter here on decreasing inflammation through diet.

"Food is, by far, the most powerful clinical intervention in chronic disease." 
– Dr. Mark A. Hyman

Dr. Chris Lipat recommends high quality synergistic whole food-based supplements from doctors-only manufacturers such as Biotics, Pure Encapsulations, Integrative Therapeutics, Standard Process, and Ananda Hemp which maximize absorption and utilization by the body. We actually encourage you to chew some of these supplements! 

Access Dr. Chris Lipat's online dispensary at Fullscript to see the products they recommend often for patients. Quality does come at a price, but the benefits of avoiding toxic artificial fillers and synthetic fractionated chemical-based supplements are worth it.



Are you electrohypersensitive? Do you feel drained after working in front of a computer all day or after being surrounded by machinery? A simple multi-polar magnet, no bigger than a business card, can energize your energy field to protect you. Dr. Chris Lipat uses a muscle response test to determine if electricity is affecting you and to see if a multi-polar magnet mitigates these effects. Dr. Magda Havas, science advisor on EMF-related issues, documented definitive evidence that radiation from a cordless phone causes heart arrhythmia and tachycardia and up-regulates the “fight-or-flight” stress response. Dr. Lipat urges further research on the impact of dirty electricity on people with diabetes and multiple sclerosis based on their initial studies. If you have questions as to whether you may be electrohypersensitive, get checked today! 


Dr. Lipatʻs multi-level interventions are insightful, unique, gentle yet powerful, and are a wonderful adjunct to therapy, life/fitness/nutritional coaching, acupuncture, and functional medicine regimens, augmenting the effectiveness of any self healing approaches and alternative/complementary healing practices. Inspired patients learn Reiki and muscle testing with Dr. Lipat through their series of White Light and Karuna Reiki® classes. The ultimate goal is supporting you in your journey of transformation and enlightenment.