Holding Complexity With Ease

Transformation Today

We are in a time of accelerated expansion, and I now ask “What do my patients need to get to the ‘next level,’ to the fullest expression of who they are and what they are meant to do in this world?”

The life coaching field is booming because healing is really a byproduct of a person coming to clarity and alignment with their life purpose, with increasing moments of inner peace, self-acceptance/love, wholeness and joy that comes out of that alignment. Chronic dis-ease, discomfort, and pain are really synchronistic opportunities to feel into the places where we experience constriction, tension, fear. As you look deeply into these places during inner work or with the assistance of a mind-body healer or therapist, and allow more compassion, more love of self and forgiveness for those who had a role in shaping you, you experience an increased connection to nature, awakening of the spirit, further strengthening of your voice and calling, as well as trust in divine timing. 

This work is what constitutes transformative healing.

It is in this deepened state of awareness of healing and its importance in our personal and collective evolution that I began working with flower essences and gem elixirs. The etheric imprint of a flower or gem imbued in water imparts a unique sacred geometry which strengthens and expands our own crystalline forms in our physical and subtle energetic bodies. Renowned biofield healer/researcher Elizabeth Patric states that “Various imbalances and toxins in the body are ultimately forced out due to the fact that they are vibrating at lower frequencies and hold no crystalline pattern or sacred geometry. They are eventually discharged because they do not vibrate at the level of health that flower essences propel us towards.”

Flower essences and gem elixirs are not about fixing or repairing, but rather they allow for integration to the ‘next level.’ It is with this realization that I conceived of Bituin Elixirs, a set of 6 synergistic blends of flower, tree and gem essences which carry composite sacred vibrational geometries to support undertaking sophisticated shifts in perspective, so you can hold more complexity with ease. These inspired blends, crafted by Essence Alchemy, are created intentionally to maximize their alchemy as tools to accelerate your evolution. Bituin Elixirs heighten inner awareness to support deep healing resulting in change and growth of consciousness.


Why “Bituin?” Bituin is Tagalog for star, heavenly body. We are all heavenly bodies made of earth and water, and it is time we share our best selves with each other for the healing of our world! 


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