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Synergistic Chakra 6-Elixir Set

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Bituin Elixirs are a set of 6 synergistic Chakra flower essence/gem elixir blends channeled by Dr. Chris Lipat DC Reiki Master, handcrafted by Essence Alchemy. Each flower or gem carries its own unique crystalline imprint. When combined, the resulting sacred vibrational geometries heighten inner awareness to support deep healing, resulting in change and growth of consciousness.

How To Use

Place 1 drop under the tongue of select elixirs up to 10 times a day during times of inner work, or place 1 drop of all six elixirs under the tongue for general support at the beginning, mid and/or end of the day. Brandy is used as a preservative. If sensitive to alcohol, drop the liquid onto pulse points, chakras, your altar, or add to a water bottle and spray into your energy field.

Each bottle has water, grape spirits and a blend of flower/tree essences and/or gem elixirs, additional sacred geometry and color to enhance its magic as a tool for your evolution.

The 2 oz spray bottles contain 4 times the amount of elixir than the 0.5 fl oz dropper bottles, they are less than twice the price!

  • Soul Balm - Root and Heart Chakras: Emotional integration and spiritual clearing

  • Elevation - Sacral Chakra: Reclaiming joy and divine purpose

  • Transformation - Solar Plexus and Soul Star Chakras: Self empowerment and releasing

  • Breakthrough - Thymus and Throat Chakras: Emerging into expansiveness

  • Manifestation - Well of Dreams and Pineal Chakras: Clarity and action towards divine purpose

  • Prosperity - Pituitary and Crown Chakras: Opening up to your true worth and creative power

If you are a mind-body practitioner/life coach, an avid meditator, visionary, energy worker or want to gift a powerful sensitive intuitive loved one in your life, these elixirs are for you!

Use Bituin Elixirs alongside Dr. Chris Lipat's KNOWING Method Transformative Healing Charts


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