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Bituin Elixir Chakra Blends

ELEVATION gem elixir blend by Dr Chris Lipat, hand crafted by Essence Alchemy. For reclaiming joy and divine purpose. May apply to the Sacral Chakra. With water, grape spirits, and azurite, botswana agate, covellite, garnet, phrenite and ruby gem elixirs. For oral or topical use.

Elevation Elixir, this blend contains Azurite gem elixir to ground our communication so that we can share authentically and with gentleness. Botswana Agate releases emotional repression and assists in moving us past blame toward solutions. Phrenite opens us to new meanings, ideas, and opens insight towards wisdom and enlightenment. Ruby increases circulation and flow of earth energy upward through the chakras. Garnet clears and balances chakras, transmutes negative energy into positive, increases loving energy and life force. Covellite heightens awareness of our sensitivity, our vulnerability and opens us to receiving love towards building inner strength and clarity. The Seed of Life as the universal symbol of creation on the label allows us to hold all these complex energies simultaneously while moving us towards positive transformation.

*Second in the set of six elixirs.

 Use Bituin Elixirs alongside Dr. Chris Lipat's KNOWING Method Transformative Healing Charts



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