The Higher Purpose of Healing


In my practice at Mind-Body Energy Medicine, your body is the doctor. I discern what organs, systems, meridians, chakras, and even elements are out of balance. I go beyond the subluxation, which is one of your body’s many defense responses, to more deeply discern what’s causing the blocks to our energy flows. I do this work in person in Guåhan/Guam, but as many are aware, energy work can be done at a distance, so I can do this work virtually too.

What I’ve learned over the years, is that the body requires attention, intention, time and energy to heal the deeper, chronic health issues. Dr. Malerba, Green Medicine, suggests that chronic issues reflect a state of stubborn inflexibility. Isn’t that the truth?

So what are our chronic health issues calling us to let go of, to change? And who would you become after making these changes?  

Imagine, when you are being called to lead something new, that the experience likely requires new skills, and all your attention and time, and possibly support from other consultants or experts. When you overcome your fears, your limitations, and you’ve successfully completed that project, mounted that art exhibit, written that book, defended that thesis – you have become someone different, someone who can now lead those kind of projects, someone experienced, accomplished, more sophisticated. That is the kind of effort that your chronic health issues are asking you to undertake on the micro, day to day level of your life. Your body is asking you to take on the challenge of paying attention at this moment to the embodiment of your soul on earth so that you can upgrade, up-level who you are inside, to become the higher version of you.

Allopathic/western medicine, helps your body when it can no longer regulate itself, suppresses symptoms, cuts out errant organs or tissues, to help you survive the crisis. You’ve then bought time to make the changes. But will you change, if you no longer feel pain or if the pharmaceutical pill enables you to not have to change (though the side effects may contribute to new and future crises)?

The body needs support. It needs energy, nutrients, time to integrate, and new perspectives to overcome these strategic healing crises that have built up over time that can no longer be ignored.

Holistic, vitalistic and traditional medicine approaches, like Functional Medicine, Reiki, Chinese medicine, Qigong, Chiropractic, Hilot, Yo’åmte treatments, Ayurveda, Yoga, Curanderismo, work more closely with the body’s natural healing systems, to build your body’s energy to heal. In encouraging a deeper sense of balance and opening up energetic flows, these approaches increase your chance of changing perspective and finding inner peace. But you still have to take your power, on a day-to-day basis, of your choices, build conscious awareness of your mindset, and build your own spiritual life.

When you see your symptoms as your body’s way to bring attention and healing energy to a protective stress response, a chakra, or organ meridian emotion, you can begin to see beyond the physical into the emotional and spiritual levels of understanding what your body is trying to transform. For instance, symptoms stemming from nutritional imbalances may be calling you to become someone who can create healthy boundaries and stand for what you need to thrive. Affirmations that bolster the solar plexus chakra, tapping reflex points, reiki with breathing or using flower essence blends to calm emotions of the liver or spleen/pancreas meridians send your body signals that you are there to listen and support yourself through the healing process. Taking a hike (“forest therapy”) is healing for the heart chakra and ocean walks or dips for vitamin “sea” replenish a depleted energy system. Creating an altar or practice of reclaiming family stories to honor your ancestors’ gifts as well as strategies for survival, allows you to better understand your own imperfections and increases the potential to compassionately heal intergenerational traumas in your lifetime. Those small moments of self awareness and making healthy choices builds the body’s energy to eventually release chronic symptoms. With support from practitioners who catalyze you through these moments, you step closer to embodying your higher self. 

As your experience and respect of your body deepens, your changes and learnings make ripple effects to your family and community. You contribute to a culture of standing for one’s needs, while also embodying compassion, forgiveness, better ways of communicating with ourselves and each other, and better ways of being in relationship with the land. Building, reclaiming, strengthening these cultures of healing in our families and communities honor ourselves, each other and the earth. It seems insurmountable to bring more peace into our world, but on a day-to-day basis, let’s heed the call to take the time to face our own stubbornness, fears and resistance to change.

When we see healing as an opportunity for change, for growth, an opening to learning, to letting go, it becomes a softening, a road to unconditional love, inner peace. We then embody the wisdom that comes with true transformative healing. When we take the time, energy and attention to do the work, we (and by intention and extension, our infinite spheres of influence) have a chance of becoming better versions of ourselves.

Maraming salamat, saina ma’åse, for your openness and courage to change.

E mālama pono!


Dr. Chris Teaño Lipat is a chiropractor licensed in Guåhan/Guam and Hawaiʻi, functional medicine certified, a reiki master teacher, and certified magaanito/pangatauhan (‘diviner’ in Filipino) from the Hilot Academy of Binabaylan.

Dr. Lipat has been a practicing chiropractor for 13 years, a reiki teacher for 18 years, and has completed 300 hrs of training towards a clinical nutrition certification.

Supporting you through the challenges and witnessing your success is the reason Dr. Lipat does this work. If you are interested in working with them, in person in Guåhan/Guam, or virtually, sign up at

Dr. Lipat brings their education and clinical experience together with muscle testing (akin to a stress response test) and created an intuitive meta self-healing system called the KNOWING Method (built upon the shoulders of other kinesiology methods), of which Dr. Lipat wrote an introductory eBook that is available online. Dr. Lipat offers some of the Transformative Healing Charts for free at From the book and these charts, you can see a slice of the detail and scope of Dr. Lipat’s discerning process. Dr. Lipat is creating a teaching curriculum based on the eBook and hopes to offer a 2nd book and on-line and in-person courses in the future.


Remember: this post is for informational purposes only and may not be the best fit for you and your personal situation. It shall not be construed as medical advice. The information and education provided here is not intended or implied to supplement or replace professional medical treatment, advice, and/or diagnosis. Always check with your own physician or medical professional before trying or implementing any information read here.

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