Becoming a Catalyst

Unstoppable Power and Bliss

We could feel blissful, even unstoppable, after a powerful energy work session, or we could feel like we are detoxing and just want to sleep! A physical surfacing of toxins may feel like sinus, skin or intestinal clearing. Emotional/mental toxins may be in the form of negative thoughts and traumatic (childhood, past life, ancestral) memories stored in our bodies as disharmony/incoherence that come to the surface for attention and integration. When we receive high vibrational energy work, our body experiences the contrast necessary for our minds to surface these low vibrational aspects which we can then transform with compassion, love, understanding, and forgiveness. As we increase our mental/energetic coherence, eat healthy and cultivate inner peace and harmony, we embody a more complex, nuanced, wizened, enlightened being standing in our power. 

Energy blocks are low vibrational, less coherent, disharmonious energies/toxins which keep the body in a chronic fight-or-flight adaptive inflammatory response. Chronic health issues that are not resolved through physical/pharmaceutical interventions may have these energy blocks at their root. Over time, these "glitches" continue to accumulate until we suffer and expire from the weight of them, or until we have the inner strength, skill, motivation and support to break through these old fear-based/survival patterns and limiting beliefs! 

Reiki is a wonderful learning framework that helps us to understand and experience healing from a multidimensional lens. A student becomes a channel for high vibrational Reiki energy through the process of an attunement. Each Reiki attunement increases our spiritual light quotient, allowing us to access higher order spiritual guides. With each increasing level of attunement, we are continuing to resolve karmic attachments, increase our intuitive abilities, and expand our consciousness, as we move closer to embodying our higher selves. Regular reiki practice facilitates continued transformation of the lower vibrational energies associated with fear, anger, hatred or jealousy, inspiring us to release attachment to less vibrant, healthful foods, strengthening our resolve to release unhealthy relationships and situations, and guides our way in the ascension process.   

The more Reiki students do to heal themselves, the more deeply and powerfully they can channel energy to facilitate clearing blocks and balancing the energies for loved ones. Students are encouraged to walk their talk, eat well, and to receive Reiki and/or other forms of energetic bodywork regularly to be a practitioner of the highest quality and integrity. We are catalysts – our unique perspective augments a person’s attention/energy to a given area in need of change in the hopes that the combined energies, along with cumulative learnings/perspective shifts will help in the transformation, not only of each other but of the world.

“Authentic healing is almost always accompanied by change and growth of consciousness,” 
- Dr. Larry Malerba, Green Medicine


Change + enLIGHTenment = Transformation 


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