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Kapayapaan Agimat (Inner Peace Amulet) Spray

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Bituin Elixir Sigil Sprays

Kapayapaan Agimat Spray (4 oz bottle), handcrafted by Dr. Chris Lipat, is a calming essential oil blend intended to gently and gradually rebalance energy centers from the sacral to throat chakras that may have been thrown out of balance by a defensive/trigger state.

Use Kapayapaan Agimat with affirmations such as: May I be safe, may I be happy, may I be healthy, may I live with ease. I nurture my spirit. I am strong, secure and grounded. I am surrounded in loving, harmonious relationships. I am flowing with the evolutionary impulse of the universe.

Kapayapaan Agimat Spray translates to “Inner Peace Amulet.” It is intended to balance one’s vagal tone and support a healthier stress response. The vagus nerve, a key component in the gut-brain axis, is negatively impacted by generational trauma and overwhelmingly stressful life events. It may also positively impact the conception vessel meridian. The agimat, also known as an anting-anting, is a protective amulet charged with orasyon (chants). This blend contains the organic essential oils of bergamot to uplift while also calming the nervous system, and frankincense to support the health of the digestive, lung, respiratory systems, joints and skin, while also soothing the spirit, increasing intuition and presence of mind. These sprays are made in small batches under a Hawaiian moon with pangatauhan chants to Mayari, moon goddess or dakilang kapangyarihan (the Great Power). The organic vodka and mineral water base is imbued with special sacred geometries, crystals and colors, and the magic of the blend is reinforced with a Baybayin sigil (ba ga ha ka ya) on the label.

Mineral water; grain spirits; organic bergamot and frankincense essential oils. For topical use only.

Spray Kapayapaan Agimat from the sacral chakra to the pusod (piko/navel), solar plexus, puso (puʻuwai/heart), thymus, up to the throat chakras, and wherever else you feel called to use it, to assure your body that you are safe and protected, so that your mind can begin to embrace new, more compassionate, loving ways of being in the world. Use it 6 times a day in these 6 energy centers for 6 weeks and let us know how you feel!

Small batches are made only at specific moon phases. Order fulfillment may be delayed if batches sell out.

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