Bituin Elixirs

Bituin Elixirs are flower essence and gem elixir chakra blends channeled by Dr. Chris Lipat, DC, Reiki Master for those doing the sacred work of healing core issues. These inspired blends are crafted with intention to maximize their alchemy as tools for your evolution.

Bituin Elixirs include a set of 6 synergistic flower essence/gem elixir Chakra blends and 3 flower essence/gem elixir/essential oil Sigil blends channeled by Dr. Chris Lipat DC, Reiki Master. Essence Alchemy crafts these inspired blends with careful intention, using select colors, sacred geometry and sun/moon cycles to maximize their alchemy as tools for evolution.

Bituin Elixirs are a powerful adjunct to any reiki/energy/bodywork practice. Dr. Chris Lipat uses the spray Elixirs regularly to assist patients in transforming emotional and spiritual blocks/challenges that come to the surface during a session into more positive, beneficial, life-enhancing understandings.

Bituin Elixirs are a featured healing tool in the KNOWING Method, an intuitive/muscle testing method taught by Dr. Chris Lipat in her latest e-book, KNOWING: The Intuitive's Guide to Transformative Healing and are referenced in her free self-healing charts.