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Sigil 3-Elixir Set

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Dr. Chris Lipat DC, Reiki Master channeled these 3 flower essence/gem elixir/essential oil Sigil blends. Aura Luminesce and Marikit, crafted by Essence Alchemy, and Kapayapaan Agimat by Dr. Lipat are crafted with careful intention, using select colors, sacred geometry, sacred symbols/sigils (reiki or baybayin) and sun/moon cycles to maximize their alchemy as tools for evolution.

Marikit Elixir is a purifying flower essence, gem elixir and mint oil blend. Tagalog for gorgeous, magnificent, exquisite, beautiful, Marikit Elixir inspires you to cherish your spirit, to discover the wonder that you are, and to love your body. Oral use only. 0.5oz and 2oz bottles sold in spray form.

Aura Luminesce Spray is a purifying flower/gem essence, hydrosol and essential oil blend to increase the aura’s coherence and integrity. Topical use only0.5oz and 2oz bottles sold in spray form.

Kapayapaan Agimat Spray is a calming essential oil blend intended to gradually rebalance energy centers from the sacral to throat chakras that may have been thrown out of balance by a defensive trigger state. Topical use only. 0.5oz and 4oz bottles sold in spray form.

Affirmations card included for each elixir.

Use Bituin Elixirs alongside Dr. Chris Lipat's KNOWING Method Transformative Healing Charts