Transformative Healing: The Power to Change

Transformative Healing: The Power to Change

Healing is not just a physical phenomenon. It is an amazing opportunity for the body-mind-spirit to come into alignment. Patients ready to examine and truly release chronic/re-occurring experiences of physical and/or emotional pain have recognized their power to change. Affording yourself the time and space to listen to your body, to meet its needs lovingly and with compassion, is revolutionary, and necessary for your transformation. And your transformation matters because your healing has a ripple effect on your family (ancestors, current & future generations!), your friends, communities and ultimately, the world.

Stem cell biologist Dr. Bruce Lipton, extensively researched and helped create the field of epigenetics, positing the idea that it is the cell membrane in concert with its environment that determines the genetic expression and behavior of the cell. Your DNA is just a blueprint: signals from the environment determine which proteins are built. And our cells are the microcosm of what constitutes our health. So what constitutes the environment of our cells?: the physical fluid matrix in pattern with our neighboring cells, our nutritional substrate, and energetic stimuli from our brain and nervous system, which is set in motion by unconscious signaling and our conscious thoughts and emotions. 

So what underlies our experience of physical pain, of dis-ease, of emotional pain and suffering? Ultimately, it is a pattern of our individual cells not being able to come to homeostasis or balance due to unrelenting stress in any one or all of these levels: physical, chemical (deficiency/toxicity), emotional, energetic and/or mental/spiritual. This causes our cells to go into defense mode and create inflammatory reactions, helping us to become conscious that something needs to change!

If we accept these concepts, then intervention must be seen as an interlocking, multifactorial phenomenon. Dr. Joe Dispenza, author of “Becoming Supernatural” says, “If you understand that the disease exists as a pattern in the field (in addition to matter), then if you change the field, you change matter.” Dr. Joe has been sharing his special approach to transformation particularly focusing on mastering the mind. But also, the converse is true: if you change matter, you influence the field

The mental health field is in a process of transformation as it follows the Gut:Brain hypothesis to its logical conclusion – you really are what you eat! Chinese medicine has known for a millenia that imbalances in organ meridians have corresponding emotional implications. The gallbladder is connected to feelings of resentment, the liver to anger, the kidneys to fear, pancreas to low self esteem, lungs to grief, etc. The Hindu metaphysical chakra system also acknowledges how different regions of the body or chakras specialize in particular patterns of processing on the physical, chemical, emotional, energetic and mental/spiritual levels. Multilevel imbalances, energetic blocks (which are really distress signals stuck on repeat), even ancestral trauma patterns epigenetically passed down, shape our experiences of pain, disease and suffering. Intuitive practitioners experienced with these and other ancient/traditional systems can sense these imbalances and have the training to help shift and guide patients to another level of being/knowing. We are creatures of habit though, and oftentimes it takes focused consistent interventions over time to support these root level shifts.

When we see health in its more complex, multifactorial light, we are empowered to see how healing, which is ultimately about pursuing balance on all these levels, can synergistically bump you to a new level of being and understanding. The main question patients in my practice are faced with, is “who do you need to become, to no longer have symptoms of pain?” As stated by influential physicist, Einstein, “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.”


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