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THE CALL TO EVOLVE: letting go, making shifts

I’ve been in practice over 9 years now, and if it’s been a while since you’ve been in, you’ll be intrigued at how I’ve evolved as a practitioner. I’m 49, and with age and experience has come wisdom. Just as we are all on our healing paths, mine has brought wonderful teachers and patients into my life. Each new understanding gets incorporated into my practice in some way. My last article, Vagal Tone: the Intersection of Chiropractic, Nutrition and Emotions summates last year’s “aha” moments, providing a bit of rational behind why I incorporate many different modalities and recommendations in my practice to support you in your healing journey.

This year, my life has taken a more spiritual turn. In those quiet, deeply present moments with you all and with myself, I’ve learned that we are given a body, not only to physically experience the sensations and wonders of life, but also to contribute our valuable, unique viewpoints and talents with which we are to serve and uplift our loved ones and communities. Many have tougher hills to climb than others, but when folks are able to identify current triggers and blockages and see the link to past hardships and emotional pain, your exploration/excavation has the potential to decrease the heaviness and charge attached to these experiences. Bringing light and self compassion to these moments, you can begin to uncover the powerful person that you are and value the qualities or superpowers that emerged in your struggle to survive. This kind of deep healing, forgiveness/self-forgiveness can bring one closer to feelings of wholeness, oneness, a more lasting inner peace, and an inner knowing that feels like wisdom, with each step of letting go.

Dr. Kelly Brogan, holistic and functional medicine psychiatrist, writes, “I believe in fierce grace. And the fierce part comes first, in the form of commitment to a higher level of care – Body, mind and spirit – than most of us are comfortable with. Through this ritual…you send your body a very different signal. A signal that informs a truce. You say, I will prioritize caring for you – nourishing, cleansing, and generally honoring you. And this gesture – even if you don’t even feel it authentically from the start – incites a response. The Body responds with the dissolution of symptoms and early indications that it is, in fact, listening, and that a conversation has begun. But there is a point at which you understand the cosmic hierarchy, and then you bow down to its wisdom and give your Body permission to do its thing, its way. And then your Body shows you where the journey is taking you. A clear Body feels intuitively what is right and what is wrong. And as long as the mind is receptive and not reactive, then there are no longer any mental decisions to make. It all becomes a happening.”


The body is constantly scanning the environment, making determinations of what is safe, what is not safe. As long as your body doesn’t feel safe, it may heal on the surface, but deep/chronic issues still remain. In Green Medicine, Dr. Larry Malerba states that chronic issues are a state of "stubborn inflexibility." Healing chronic issues calls for deep listening and acceptance. In acknowledging symptoms as the body’s best way to survive its circumstances, by improving your nutrition and decreasing toxin exposure while also processing negative/fear-based thoughts into stories of self-forgiveness, love and compassion, you can help the body to feel safe once more. These shifts can be challenging, especially when the body is out of alignment. You can catalyze your efforts with energy work/body work and mind-body therapies, in conjunction with nutrition support. Transformation occurs when your internal conditions change enough so that the symptoms are no longer relevant. Each challenge (whether physical, mental or emotional), each area of resistance or struggle, becomes a lesson, an opportunity for healing, and you realize that life is a journey of your unfolding.

As Anaïs Nin says, “You do not see the world as it is. You see it as you are.” The phenomenon of epigenetics holds that your DNA is merely a blueprint – the cellular environment and signals it receives shapes what the cell builds. At the same time, we also carry the imprint of our ancestors' struggles through our DNA. Our healing on the physical, emotional and spiritual levels becomes not just our own, but the healing of our loved ones who share our DNA and those of future generations. Some may even go so far as to say our healing heals the past as well. Your thoughts in combination with your nutrition and your DNA blueprint, very much shape your cellular makeup, which impacts how you see the world. In Chinese medicine, this phenomenon also also goes the other way – the health of your organs impacts your emotional state and therefore your thoughts.

Given all of these understandings, there are then many entry levels for healing. Dr. Chris Lipat's Mind-Body Energy Medicine practice impacts patients on every level – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, to support your complex, evolving journey to becoming more of who you are. Part of the physical experience involved with transformation is tuning in, developing an awareness of experiences, stories, foods, toxins and other blockages that keep you in the sympathetic flight/flight survival mode, that keep you from manifesting your best self.

My practice is about clearing blocks and identifying habits that no longer serve you. We help you feel what it feels like to flow, to feel soft, open, unstoppable. Your job is to notice, to see where it is that you contract, tighten, go back into defense. You leave with many tools and clues to support the shifts your body is asking for you to make. When patients walk in the door, I ask, “Who are your symptoms calling you to become? Who do you need to be to no longer have these symptoms?” With increasing self-awareness, you learn to work with, to tame the inner chaos, so that you can heal – rest, detoxify and rebuild a new YOU!

For those folks who have discovered EFT/Tapping and/or who have developed a powerful self reflective/meditative practice, the promise of working through charged emotions is a way of enlightening the heaviness of suffering, to transforming from a place of surviving to touching the creativity that underlies your ability to thrive! Transformation of a wound can lead you to identifying and valuing the superpowers you created as a result of it, which oftentimes gives you clues to your unique purpose in this world.
– Dr. Chris Lipat DC, Reiki Master

Remember: this post is for informational purposes only and may not be the best fit for you and your personal situation. It shall not be construed as medical advice. The information and education provided here is not intended or implied to supplement or replace professional medical treatment, advice, and/or diagnosis. Always check with your own physician or medical professional before trying or implementing any information read here.


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