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Because of our unique approach, Dr. Chris Lipat's Mind-Body Energy Medicine practice is a referral-based office focused on your true healing needs. If you've benefited from Dr. Chris' intuitive approach, share this e-newsletter with your friends and family and spread the love!

Developing Your Inner KnowingBituin Elixirs

Recently, I have been asking patients and reiki students, How would it feel in your body to reach your goals? The responses have been telling, mainly because at first they describe the idea of reaching goals as just that, an idea. But I ask again, how would it feel in your body to reach your goals? They begin to describe what it feels like to work towards those goals: strength, powerful self-love, confidence, trust in who I am, increasing clarity in what I offer to the world. So in your body, once again, when you reach your goals, how does it feel? Perhaps it's a lifting of the heart, calmness in the shoulders, lengthening of the spine, a gentle thrumming in the mind and gut, freedom in the joints: these are just some of the physical internal shifts the body experiences in the reach of your goals. Being in this kind of expression of who you are would imply you are in a state of creative expansiveness, allowing a larger and larger exchange of energy through you as you interact with people on a more extensive scale.

Developing Your Inner Knowing Workshop

But how do we get there? As you feel into your dreams, where do you feel the resistance in your body? Christopher Penczak, Asenscion Magic, states that “The higher self of an individual oftimes requires the person to experience particular illnesses or injuries for personal growth, to allow the consciousness to expand… If you learn to process the unwanted (underlying thought) pattern, the intensity of symptoms diminish and you can release the pattern completely.” Oftentimes I ask a returning patient about the symptoms they started with. They often forget that they even had them because they were able to make positive shifts in their way of being that made the symptom no longer relevant!

All kinds of interventions into our health, be they allopathic (medical) or vitalistic (holistic), buy us time to shift habits that no longer serve us. These habits can be recurring negative thoughts, fears and limiting beliefs, or it can be taking in foods and chemicals that cause deficiency or toxicity, stressing the organ meridians that perpetuate and reinforce the fear-based emotions and self-perceptions that keep us small and safe.

So how do we shift? The first step is tuning in, noticing our thoughts, building our self-awareness. Muscles tighten in response to any kind of stress. See where you feel contracted and what story or trauma (from childhood, ancestral or even past lives) perpetuates that feeling of being unsafe. Can you bring compassion, love and forgiveness to those places? Do you need assistance to bring these insights to light or additional skills, self-healing approaches or catalytic intervention to help you shift and release via therapy, EFT/Tapping, reiki/energy work, flower essences, communing with nature or your spirit guides, talking with a best friend, or engaging your body/mind in art, music, movement or writing?

“Authentic healing is almost always accompanied by change and growth of consciousness,” Dr. Larry Malerba, Green Medicine

The act of facing, understanding, reframing and reintegrating these charged parts of our his/herstory allows us to hold our increasing complexity with ease, perhaps even unattachment! Our vibration raises and our consciousness of ourselves and the world around us transforms, and expands with compassion and loving kindness.

I’ve been called to serve more people, not only through one-on-one sessions and the C+E=Transformation 6 month Program, but also through creating and distributing the divinely inspired Bituin flower essence/gem elixir blends, teaching White Light and Karuna Reiki® and offering the new series Developing Your Inner Knowing Workshops. These Workshops offer a glimpse into the powerful root cause healing system that I developed over my 9 years in practice, distilled into an accessible self-healing approach based on Muscle Testing.

With all these powerful Tools of Enlightened Living, you can welcome discomfort as an invitation to transform and expand, as an opportunity to do the work that not only heals you but shifts and heals the world around you.

I look forward to seeing you in back in the office, or at a workshop! And mahalo nui for spreading the word about Bituin Elixirs and Dr. Chris Lipat’s unique Mind-Body Energy Medicine practice in Honolulu!

Makapagpapabuti is the expression of the individual giving gratitude to everything in existence...When there is complete understanding and respect of one's relationsihp with others, nature, and everything in existence, one achieves mastery of mind, emotion and body. Bibiano Fajardo, Hilot: the science of the ancient Filipino Healing Arts


Dr. Chris Lipat teaches Reiki in HonoluluTake healing into your own hands! Reiki is an essential modality and philosophy at Dr. Chris Lipat's Mind-Body Energy Medicine practice!

White Light Reiki Level 1: May 30, 2020
White Light Reiki Level 2:  June 6, 2020 
White Light Reiki Level 3: December 5, 2020
Karuna Reiki® Practitioner Levels 1 & 2: November 14-15, 2020
Karuna Reiki® Master: October 10, 2020 or as requested
White Light Reiki Master: October 11, 2020 or as requested

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Dr. Lipat incorporates muscle testing and other energetic healing concepts to power up your self healing and make her classes special! For more information on Reiki classes with Dr. Lipat, click here. Book yourself for a relaxing Reiki session.

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Dr. Chris Lipat offers nutritional consultationDr. Lipat stocks over 100 different supplements and homeopathics for your unique healing needs! Schedule your in-office or telehealth appointment today to update your nutritional regimen.
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Change + enLIGHTenment = Transformation

For those being called to fast track their shift, I have a few spots left for the intensive 6-month program (2 visits per month), Change + enLIGHTenment = Transformation. If you feel that it is time for you to partner with me to power up, go deep, shift and release that which no longer serves, please contact me, Dr. Chris, at enlighten(at) or better yet, come in for a System Reset! I’d be happy to talk more with you and your loved ones about next steps!

What's New with Dr. Chris!

A visit to Dr. Chris accelerates your healing to support your evolution. Self-healing approaches that you may have discovered over years of trial and error are recommended for you in the first visit. Follow up visits help you delve deeper, reset your mindset, answer questions and enlighten as you begin to implement changes towards expressing more of your higher, more expansive self.

Whereas I began Niu Health Chiropractic as a chiropractor, functional medicine doctor and reiki master, I have begun a deeper melding of all those disciplines with other energetic and muscle testing practices. I am rebranding to better convey what I offer and am trying on: Dr. Chris Lipat DC’s Mind-Body Energy Medicine practice. I’d love to know what you think!

Dr. Chris Lipat's Bituin Elixirs Flower Essence/Gem Elixir Blends

Nowadays, I work to gently align the body on a physical level using tools such as the Activator, Vibracussor deep tissue percussion, Laseronix cold laser low level light therapy, intertwined with higher level Reiki-type energies. I’ve also incorporated Dr. Gina Kim’s comprehensive mind-body-spirit balancing approach called Cellular Regeneration Technique. I use the new, divinely inspired flower essence/gem elixir blends, Bituin Elixirs, to support emotional and spiritual shifts, Healing Sounds’ Lemurian Tuning Forks for energetic balancing, and personalized sacred geometry, gems and chakra colors to augment the healing environment. I have an expanded list of affirmations and an exclusive list of lifestyle shifts accumulated over 8 years in practice. I sometimes channel angel number messages and guidance as inspired. Patients get a list of foods to decrease or avoid, but also a list of foods that are healing, and I continue to stock over 100 high quality supplements and homeopathics to detoxify, nourish, energize and strengthen you at each stage of your healing. 

I channel a significant amount of energy and I strive for complete presence during each visit, which is why I spend more time with each patient and limit my practice to those select few who are ready for this kind of advanced healing work. I look forward to serving you and your loved ones to the best of my ability! Schedule your next appointment here.

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As with all health promoting approaches, one size does not fit all. Dr. Chris Lipat provides personalized recommendations that help you rebuild your resilience more effectively and efficiently. Rather than resorting to quick fixes or stimulatory medicines to help you feel better, we set a solid foundation for healing to help you FUNCTION better in the long term. 

Accepting HMSA/Blue Cross PPO & HMAA

Although insurance does not cover a number of the modalities I use during a session (like nutrition, energy work, lifestyle counseling and emotional clearing), some plans will cover the adjustment and a few other components. Check with your carrier to see if they cover chiropractic. Note, I am not in-network with American Specialty Health, EUTF, Quest or Medicare. I will still be charging an additional co-pay to cover the time and modalities that are not covered by insurance, but at least you can get some reimbursement from your provider. I hope this helps you to get a Deep System Reset more often than you would otherwise!

Mind-Body Energy Medicine is about clearing blocks and identifying habits that no longer serve you. We help you feel what it feels like to flow, to feel soft, open, unstoppable. It is your job to notice, to see when it is you contract, tighten, go back into defense. You leave with many tools and clues to support the shifts your body is asking for you to make. Dr. Chris Lipat DC, Reiki Master

Come check out what's new and experience this unique holistic treatment for yourself. Imagine how a regular regimen could support you in transforming your life for years to come!

E mālama pono!
Dr. Chris Lipat DC
White Light/Karuna Reiki® Master
Certified Cellular Regeneration Technique Practitioner
Certified Functional Medicine Practitioner

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