Optimizing Immune Health

Natural Remedies & Lifestyle Tips

Up until the Coronavirus pandemic, the predominant culture has been one of maximizing productivity for profit, or for survival for most. Our mainstream society has been set up to burn, not only through the earth's resources, but through each individual's personal reserves, at a destructive nonrenewable rate. This unsustainable cultural/systemic way of being has wreaked havoc on our reserves, predisposing us to weakened immunity and preventable lifestyle diseases rooted in poor diet and unrelenting physical, mental, and emotional stress. What the Coronavirus pandemic has brought is a radical wake up call to bring our energy back in, to replenish ourselves, to listen and rebuild our relationship to our bodies and our energetic boundaries, and to reconnect with and care for our loved ones and the earth.

At the request of my patients I share with you the following wellness tips below, updated for winter of 2022.

Optimizing Immune Health Regimen

Review the list and intuit which natural immune optimizing remedies resonate with you. These are placed in order of importance. Support this small business and order recommended supplements from FullScript, my online dispensary. See Dr. Axe's site for the benefits and cautions on the use of these nutritional remedies.

1. Rehmannia, aka Chinese Foxglove, commonly used in Traditional Chinese medicine good for blood sugar, circulation and the adrenals, is found in Adrenal Complex.

2. Tulsi, aka Holy Basil, is a wonderful adaptogen balancing blood glucose levels, blood pressure and lipid levels, helping soothe anxiety and depression.

3. Earthing, aka Grounding, or placing your bare feet directly to the Earth. The electrical field of the earth is powerfully anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory, enhancing circulation and energy levels. Ground at least three times a week in the evenings for at least 10 minutes to derive the benefits.

4. Schisandra, another TCM herb that is wonderful for the adrenals, liver and brain, for hormone balance, digestion and skin health, found in Rhodiola Schisandra and Livco.

5. All varieties of yam, mountain yam, wild yam.

6. Affirmations: I release all unnecessary stress and am filled with peace. I nourish my body, I effortlessly absorb nutrients.

7. Cardamom

8. Spirulina

9. Vitamin C - 500 mg for maintenance, 1000 mg up to 3 times a day if fatigued

10. Cordyceps

11. Cabbage

12. Vitamin D - 5000 IU for prevention, 10,000 IU if symptomatic, or sensible mid-day sun exposure

13. Probiotics that contain Bacillus Coagulans

14. Garnet

15. Homeopathic cold/flu drops/sprays

Other Healthful Tips

Replenish your reserves - heal your adrenals, eat well, sleep well. If you have the luxury, make sure you are healthy and grounded so that you can bring your best self to better serve others.

1. Avoid sugar, unfermented soy, wheat/gluten, and dairy (especially if unfermented, non-organic and/or with added sugar). 

2. Enjoy herbal teas such as tulsi, rooibos, nettle, dandelion root, moringa/malunggay, ginger, or noni leaf. Have 2 tsps of cacao powder or 1-2 squares of 90-100% dark chocolate before 7am. 

3. Drink 8 cups of filtered water and make sure your filter is up to date. 

4. Depending on the health of your adrenals, you may need to eliminate or decrease caffeine to a maximum of 8 oz before 7am. 

5. If you are experiencing congestion, take a steamy bath or shower and/or diffuse eucalyptus or other respiratory essential oil blends. 

6. Enjoy fermented veggies, pickles, sauerkrauts, kimchee.

7. Enjoy a walk/exercise or have your caffeine before 7am, so that you are able to be in bed by 9pm to maximize circadian organ healing times.

8. If weather permits, enjoy 5-15 minutes of mid-day sun exposure up to three times a week (depending on your skin coloring and type) to capture the UVB rays that stimulate Vitamin D3 production and get fresh air.

9. Receive distance Reiki/energy work, listen to music that brings you joy, or play board games and laugh!

10. Remember to wash your hands often and for up to 30 seconds.

11. Wash your nasal passages with water to remove mucus with bacteria and viruses. 

12. For a sore throat or to calm your body after a stressful day, do a 10 second salt water gargle. Add 1 drop of Soul Balm Bituin Elixir for a boost.

13. Take a 10 minute epsom bath (1 cup) or foot bath (½ cup) daily while symptomatic or once a week for maintenance and consider adding 2 tsps of baking soda if you’re feeling acidic/toxic. Add frankincense or 1 drop of Elevation Bituin Elixir for a boost.

14. Drink homemade veggie broth or bone broths and add ginger/olena/tumeric and a tablespoon of coconut oil.

15. Eat avocados, fish or peas, unsweetened coconut yogurt, cilantro, oregano, rosemary, basil (also as oil or tincture), sage and garlic. 

16. Enjoy fibrous grains/seeds like organic oats, quinoa, chia to help with cleansing/elimination.

17. If you are sensitive to gemstone energy, consider placing Emerald by your bedside (cleanse your crystals regularly under the moonlight).

18. Folks with autoimmune issues may want to be cautious with elderberry because it stimulates the immune system. If you use colloidal silver, I would limit use to maximum 2 weeks or only use in small doses. Limit fruit to 1 serving daily or every other day due to the sugar content. Some people overuse lemon - note that citrus can kick up the histamine response.

19. If you come down with a fever, allow the wisdom of your body to help you rebalance. Read more about fevers here.

See more Functional Medicine tips with references on supporting proper immune function. 


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